All your performance is at your fingertips.

You can track your income and expenses, occupancy rates, and much more in real-time. You can filter with parameters of your choice and base your decisions on real data.


Time saving on bookkeeping

Data-driven management ensures your business operates more effectively and efficiently. Our dashboard software allows you and your team easy access to all essential Airbnb business data. Revenues, occupancy rates, guest reviews, and more are consolidated and presented visually in a single central dashboard. This empowers you to better understand your business’s performance and make swift decisions.

We offer specialized reporting and control panel solutions that transform data into meaningful insights and support your business decisions for your Airbnb venture. At Homesberg, we provide comprehensive analysis and visualization tools to help you better understand your guests, monitor your performance, increase revenue, and control expenses.

With Homesberg’s Reporting and Dashboard panel, gain a 360-degree view of your performance.

  • Performance Analysis: By creating tailored reports for your Airbnb business, we enable you to track key performance indicators (KPIs). You can easily view revenue, reservation rates, guest reviews, and more, and integrate the data into your decision-making processes.

  • Effective Visualization: Instead of dealing with dry spreadsheets and numbers, we present your data with easily understandable and impactful visuals. By visually tracking your performance, you can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to take strategic actions.
  • Data Input: Apart from data automatically coming from channels, you can easily add your expenses and direct bookings. You can see your entire performance with just one click.

Easy data entry

Don’t rely solely on metrics from bookings acquired through channels. With easy data entry in the Homesberg panel, you can process direct bookings and all expenses such as rent, mortgage, bills, etc. Track your net profit in real-time.

Our Other Solutions

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